Staging Do’s and Don’ts


DO: Clean your home, and keep it clean! Vacuum, dust, mop and make your bed every day.

DO: Neutralize décor and colors. Taste-specific and personal décor should be taken down. Also, get rid of any bold paint colors and repaint with a more neutral tone.

DO: Remove all oversized furniture. Couches, chairs, and coffee tables that are too big for the room have to go. When appealing to a buyer, less is more.

DO: Repair minor flaws in the home. You will want to be sure that holes have been patched, light bulbs have been changed, and chipped baseboards have been touched up.

DO: Spruce up your curb appeal. Mow the yard, put down new mulch, paint the door a fresh color, and plant some brightly colored flowers. Bring the Texas Hill Country to your front door!


DON’T: Make buyers walk around obstacles (i.e. dog beds, children’s toys, ironing boards, or clothes piles).

DON’T: Get upset about being asked to stage your home. Selling your home is similar to entering it into a beauty pageant: it’s all about winning the contest against the competition.

DON’T: Spend a ton of money on major renovations and new furniture. Concentrate of fixing the small things and de-cluttering your old furniture. Save your time, energy, and money for your new home!

DON’T: Assume that your house will sell itself. You may think it’s perfect, but that doesn’t mean others will. It’s up to you to make it the most appealing home on the block.

DON’T: Be afraid to ask your REALTOR® for help. Many agents have experience with staging and can be a great source of advice.