Seller’s Timeline

Before your agent lists your home, they may recommend that you make a few adjustments to lure in buyers. Whether you hire a stager, repair any rogue damages, or clean out the garage, these small changes can be transformational in your home’s first impression factor.

1. Setting a price and listing the home

The first step in putting your home or land for sale involves setting the price. Your REALTOR® will guide you through this process, take professional listing photos, and write a detailed description of your home to for the MLS system.

2. Marketing your home and showings

Once your home has been listed on the MLS system, your agent will begin to market the home. As you begin to show your home to potential buyers in the Hill Country real estate market, make sure it’s always in “open house condition”, even when you least expect a showing.

3. Receiving an offer

When a buyer decides they want to make an offer on your home, your agent will present you with the details. You can choose to accept the offer, counter it at a different price, or decline it completely.

4. Preparing for an inspection

When you accept an offer that has been agreed upon and accepted by both parties, the buyer will arrange for an inspection of your home. If the inspector finds any items that need to be addressed, the buyer can choose to negotiate this into the contract or request that the repairs be made before the sale. Once again, these details will be negotiated before progressing with the home or land for sale.

5. Appraisal

Next, the buyer’s lender will schedule an appraisal. An appraiser will visit your home and make an assessment on the fairness of your sales price. If the appraisal matches, your sale is free to proceed! If it doesn’t, both you and the buyer may need to negotiate the sales price further.

5. Closing

You’re almost there! After all inspection items are approved and appraisals finished, you will walk through the closing process. At closing, you will sign the title over to the buyer, hand over the keys, and thank your REALTOR® for helping you get through a successful Hill Country real estate sale!

listing:A formal written contract that allows an agent to represent a party in the selling, leasing, or buying of a property.

closing:The final, legal act of a transaction, where contracts are agreed upon and finalized, and monies are exchanged.

assessment:A tax, charge, or levy that comes from previously established rates

appraisal:An estimated value attributed to a property by a certified appraiser.