Hill Country Features

The Charm of The Hill Country

Across the wide variety of Texas landscapes, the Texas Hill Country has time and time again proved to be an unexpected retreat for residents and tourists alike.

A Diverse Lifestyle

When buying a new home, sometimes you’re forced to make compromises regarding the details. For beautiful scenery, you may give up convenient amenities. For good schools, you may be willing to sacrifice a high acreage or waterfront property. But while this may be the case in many places, the Texas Hill Country is certainly not one of them! This area presents a diverse range of lifestyle choices and conveniences, all in a gorgeous setting.

Hill Country Culture

Nestled in the heart of Texas, the gorgeous Hill Country is a twenty-five county region of Central and South Texas marked by colorful wildflowers, brilliant sunsets, and breathtaking views.

Wineries and Breweries

Known for its breathtaking scenery and rolling fields, the Texas Hill Country is also the perfect destination for wine and beer lovers. 

Hill Country Rivers

The charming atmosphere of the Texas Hill Country is complemented perfectly by an abundant supply of natural beauty. The area’s limestone foundation filters water from cool springs and aquifers, creating an oasis in the heart of Texas.

6 Hill Country Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019

We wanted to highlight the most famous, charming, and unique festivals that occur in our little plot of paradise...so you can keep them on your radar!

Hill Country 101: The Texas Wine Trail

So what exactly is the Texas Wine Trail, and what makes it so special? Keep reading for an inside look at this particularly delicious Texan subculture.

Rustic Romance: 8 Dates in the Hill Country

Are you and your loved one looking for new and interesting date night ideas? Here are a list of fun and romantic things to do for a special date night in the Texas Hill Country.

New Year, New Home: 6 Hill Country Homes Perfect For 2018

If “buying the perfect Hill Country home” is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, we’ve got you covered!

Fall in the Hill Country: 5 Awe-Inspiring Spots

Whether you’re interested in an Autumn hike, a scenic drive, or some Instagram-worthy backdrops, here are five spots we recommend for maximum Autumn scenery.

Live Local: Where to Shop in the Texas Hill Country

From boutiques to markets to one-of-a-kind specialty stores, The Texas Hill Country is filled to the brim with retail versions of local charm.

Beyond San Antonio: How the Hill Country Gained Its Popularity

It seems that the sweeping vistas and craggy bluffs of the Texas Hill Country are drawing in more and more former city-dwellers.

9 Essential Swimming Holes in the Hill Country

As the dog days of Summer continue, it seems the whole family could use a breath of fresh air (or swim in some cold water)!

A Peek Into Blanco’s Burgeoning Tourism Scene

Sitting at the junction of the eastern border and the deeper settlements of the Hill Country, Blanco can be looked at as a bridge of the Hill Country.

Waterways to the Hill Country: 15 Places to Enjoy Summer

Lucky for us, the Texas Hill Country is loaded with lakes and rivers to counteract the summer heat! In honor of these picturesque oases, we made a list of our favorite waterways in the area to cool off this summer.

This is the Hill Country: Iconic Towns and Cities that Make Up the Region

The Hill Country is rich with culture, and each town is famous something all its own. Below are some of the most iconic towns in the area that make up the Texas Hill Country.

Under Construction: The Hill Country’s Newest Neighborhoods

Below are just a few of the neighborhoods that offer a fresh start to families interested in settling down in the Texas Hill Country!

Kids in the Hill Country: Your Guide to Local Schools

If you have kids in grade school and you’re moving to the Hill Country, one of your first questions is probably, “What are the schools like?” To help you find the answers, we created a summary of the local districts in the area! Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to the Hill Country’s exceptional education options...

The Hill Country’s Most Luxe Communities

In the midst of such a lush landscape, it seems only natural that luxury communities would lay their roots in Hill Country soil as well. From expansive master-planned neighborhoods to private ranch-style dwellings, here are just a few of favorite luxury communities in the Texas Hill Country!