Wineries and Breweries

While it may be known primarily for breathtaking scenery and rolling fields, the Texas Hill Country is also known as “Texas wine country”. The same rocky hills and bluffs that create incredible views make the ideal conditions for vineyards and microbreweries. The European heritage of early settlers left behind a legacy of knowledge and tradition. These age-old skills and recipes have combined with Texas-quality soil, grapes, and other ingredients to grow and brew some of the best sipping in the country.

Centrally located in Fredericksburg, the climate and soil of the Hill Country have created remarkably high-quality grapes. Perhaps this is why Texas wine country has recently been named one of the top wine destinations in the country, second only to Napa.

Additionally, Hill Country breweries craft some of the most popular beers in the US. Most likely due to the German influence in this region, both full-sized and microbreweries pay close attention to taste, quality, and subtlety in their ingredients and flavors. Famous names like Real Ale Brewing Company and Spoetzl Brewery (Shiner Bock, anyone?) are known and revered among beer lovers.

The climate and soil that create excellent grapes and grain also make it the perfect place to sit and sip. High-quality beer and wine are best enjoyed with beautiful scenery and a relaxed atmosphere.