Building vs. Buying an Existing Home

When making the decision to either build or buy your new home, there are many factors to consider. Use the guide below to explore both options and determine which choice better suits your needs and lifestyle...and remember: whether you’re settling into an established home or building your dream farm and ranch property, the process will be a smooth experience when guided by a Hill Country REALTOR®.


There are several perks to building your own home. This option enables you to create a customized floor plan with top-of-the-line amenities at a location of your choosing. Essentially, you have total control over your layout, interior design, scenic view, and school district. Given the space and beauty of the Hill Country, building a high-acreage property is especially appealing to many buyers. The many customization options allow you to create your home with your specific personality and family needs in mind. Rather than search for lake homes for your own! While building your own home can come with unforeseen costs and delayed move-in date, homeowners who go this route often feel a tremendous sense of overall satisfaction and pride in their customized Hill Country home.

When building your own home, using a REALTOR® is key to a successful experience. A REALTOR® will have expert knowledge about builders, contracting, as well as a realistic timeline and budget, helping you avoid financial loss and confusion. Your REALTOR® will understand fair builder’s contracts, inspections, financing, appraisals, and more.


On the other hand, the main benefits of buying a pre-existing home are convenience and cost. Though building a customized home may seem like an ideal experience, often the hassle and cost are too daunting for many buyers. When buying a pre-existing home or ranch for sale, what you see is what you get. Often, you can transition immediately into an established neighborhood and rest easy knowing that the price you agreed to is the price you’ll pay. If you desire peace of mind and convenience while buying your new home, your Hill Country REALTOR® can help guide you through the process. With your REALTOR®’s insider knowledge, you can find the perfect home that fits your needs and budget.

Whether you’re building or buying, your transition process will be greatly enhanced by your Hill Country REALTOR®.

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